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Adolescents Health Data Tool:  A resource on the situation of adolescents in India and its districts

The Adolescent Health Data Tool, envisions to primarily assist the state and district level managers of various public-sector health programmes in India.  It attempts to identify a range of vulnerabilities among adolescents and provide a short but in-depth picture of adolescent health in districts and states of India. It identifies the vulnerabilities in the domains of adolescent health defined by the Rashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram (RKSK) using data from the latest round of the National Family Health Survey (2015-16), the 2011 Census and other key district and state level data sets. It also provides information on the availability of resources at the district level, such as the density of health facilities (for potentially leveraging the platform for programming with adolescents) per 1000 adolescents population. By providing both domain – based health vulnerabilities and the resource availability in one place, the tool intends to assist evidence-based decisions – a key emphasis of the National Health Policy, 2017. 


Adolescent Health Data Tool: India

Adolescent Health Data Tool: State Wise

Adolescent Health Data Tool: Union Territories