Our Focus Areas

At Population Council Institute, we are committed to conducting high-quality research to discover and deliver solutions that improve lives in India.


Enable programs to reduce social and economic barriers to health services, especially in the context of sexual…

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Contribute to end malnutrition by conducting implementation research and program evaluations…

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Improve learning outcomes for girls by strengthening the available evidence base…

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RHANI wives group session with wives at risk

Reduce the burden of disease by generating evidence, and developing efficient screening programs…

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Strengthen resilience of vulnerable populations in adapting to climate change stressors…
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Achieve gender equality and empower women of all ages by designing and implementing evidence-based programs…

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Our Platforms

We believe in improving lives based more on data than good intensions, and on evidence instead of intuition.


Support policymakers, program implementers, and developmental partners in evidence-based…

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Support the strengthening of health systems by generating and promoting policy-relevant evidence…

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Enable efficient monitoring, sharing, and use of data by designing and implementing innovative technology…

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Extract valuable information for use in strategic decision making, program development, trend analysis…

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Conduct research and provide technical assistance to prepare markets for the introduction of…

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Conduct research and analyses to identify challenges, promote program development based…

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